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A yesterday. I search for information on the Klim Arctic Balaclava (2013), so i have to tell.

Klim Arctic Balaclava (2013)

Specifically designed for the coldest riding conditions on Earth the Arctic Balaclava features a massive feature list fit for the most extreme climates. From the base the Arctic Balaclava brings a massive ultra-wide skirt to ensure it stays put. Add in full WINOSTOPPERxFFFD-frontal attack with KLIM's variable fleece backer thicknesses around eyes (to enhance fit and reduce restriction) .... Read more or Check Price

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I ordered this to wear with my helmet motocross snowmobile. It keeps me very warm and does not allow the wind to cut . by aj

If you live in a cold climate this is a must. I tried the other Klim Blaclava with only holes in the front but if you are in subzero temps there is no substitute . by Christopher C Woolley

Great product slightly narrower than conventional balaclava but very warm and kept very well around glasses. Breath deflector is very good and virtually eliminates fogging. by justin

We spent three hours riding bicycle in 16F 73 humidity and the falling snow today along a track -trail and I must say that the Artic Klim Balaclava has done a great job. by mark H

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